Monday, November 15, 2010

Kodak Capture Pro Software Care Kits

Maximize your software investment

Get the most value from your Kodak Capture Pro Software installation with the latest upgrades and features, migrations to new job setups and applications, and fast access to support.

Optimize your productivity with support from our software experts

Kodak Capture Pro Software gives you a host of features that help maximize your scanning throughput and productivity. Now complement those features with ongoing software support that can help your scanning run smoothly throughout the year, even with challenging production demands. When you purchase any Capture Pro Software, you are entitled to CD replacement in case of loss.

Here’s what you’re entitled to with a Care Kit for Kodak Capture Pro Software

• New upgrades and features as available
• Basic migration to new job setups and applications
• Software Maintenance Releases
• Troubleshooting and problem isolation
• Phone, fax, email, and remote support
• Patches, if needed
• Assistance with driver compatibility issues
• And other services that help enhance the value of your Capture Pro Software

Quick, responsive help

Kodak software specialist will answer your scanner operator’s questions and help troubleshoot and isolate problems so they can be resolved quickly. Your call will be automatically tracked and escalated if necessary to help ensure
timely resolution. This often eliminates the need for further service. And, support
is available by phone, fax, email, and remote diagnostics—whichever works best for you.
New releases and patches are part of your Kodak Care Kit. This ensures your system is up to date with the latest improvements as they are developed. Running the most current software version can enhance your productivity while you work more efficiently and avoid compatibility problems.
Kodak experience and expertise saves you time.With over 100 years of service and support experience, Kodak offers the right combination of quality service, highly skilled people, and state-of-the-art technology. And it’s available to you to help your scanning run smoothly.

Extend your software investment with additional services

Kodak offers optional installation and operator training so you are scanning optimally from the start. And, ask about Kodak Professional Services—a complete solution for startup assistance, training, and application development support.

Kodak Care Kits

Kodak Care Kits enhance and extend your protection. A Kodak Care Kit includes information on how to activate your coverage, how to call for service, and the terms and conditions of the service purchased. By purchasing a Kodak Care Kit, you can ensure you are always current with the latest version.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Canon imageFORMULA DR-6030C Departmental Scanner

Canon announced the release of the new imageFORMULA DR-6030C (item # 4624B002, MSRP $4495), as of November 3, 2010. The DR-6030C Departmental Scanner blends high speeds and reliable document handling with versatility and convenience. It provides comprehensive functionality in a desktop design that effectively delivers document capture benefits in any business application.

DR-6030C User Applications: The DR-6030C scanner is ideal for distributed scanning of high volumes of documents. At the front desk or in the back office, this scanner is well-suited for use at the departmental level. Government, financial services, healthcare, education, and other industries can benefit from its convenient design and its flexible, reliable document handling.

DR-6030C Highlighted Abilities and Advantages:
Rapid scanning speeds of up to 80 pages / 160 images per minute, in both color and black & white, and a 100-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, for maximum document throughput
Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection and Rapid Recovery System for reliable paper handling
Ability to handle varied documents including thick documents, plastic ID cards, and driver licenses, and includes a Long Document Mode for handling up to 118” documents, for superior versatility

Small enough to fit on a desktop, quick access to frequently used settings, and the ability to handle batches of mixed documents, for easy, convenient use
Sophisticated imaging functions such as Three-Dimensional Color Correction and High-Speed Text Enhancement, for high image quality

Generation Green program participation, plus RoHS and Energy Star regulatory compliances, for an environmentally conscious hardware investment
DR-6030C replaces the imageFORMULA DR-5010C, which has been discontinued.
There is some remaining inventory of the DR-5010. However, supplies are very limited and orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first ship basis.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

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