Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kodak designs in-store scanning system

Kodak has designed a walk-up photo scanning system to give libraries, specialty retailers and other photo-intensive retail environments an opportunity to provide new client services and revenue streams.

According to a press release, the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System PS450 allows for photographic prints and memorabilia to be converted into digital files for photo books, digital slide shows, digital frames, online albums and sharing sites, and social media.

The system expands Kodak's growing family of professional batch photo scanning systems, which include the PS410 and PS810, and offers new revenue potential for organizations wishing to provide a self-serve photo conversion service. According to the release, the PS450 uses easy and intuitive workflow software that guides the consumer and tracks order amounts as they scan and enhance their images. Administrator functions enable control over settings including customer output, image enhancement, prices and taxes. Libraries can benefit from a customized photo solution that addresses the opportunity for self-funding, while increasing customer engagement in their communities.
Kodak tested units at a number of public libraries, including the Liverpool Public Library in Liverpool, N.Y., near Syracuse, N.Y. Librarians and patrons used the systems in everyday situations to gauge ease of use and applicability of the payment methodology.

"Libraries and retail shops can now provide patrons with an easy way to preserve printed memories," said Andre Bailey, worldwide product manager, Kodak Capture Systems, Kodak's Business Solutions and Services Group. "Kodak has created an optimal photo scanning experience easily adopted by both experts and novice users."

PS450 Features

Through its Kodak Gentle Photo Handling feature, the PS450 scans up to 30 pictures per minute at a resolution of 300 dpi. Image-enhancing features include Kodak Perfect Touch Technology, red-eye removal, auto-deskew, auto-cropping, image rotation and auto-sharpening. Optional A3 (tabloid) and A4-size (letter) flatbed scanners are available for bound, fragile or oversize materials. Once scanned, the included Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software enables users to seamlessly burn images to a variety of media, including CD, DVD, Kodak Picture CD and portable USB drives. Payment is enabled by an included tabletop device that accepts major credit and debit cards.

Additionally, the PS450 can be leveraged through the administrator as a document scanner, via Kodak's Smart Touch feature (installed and managed separately from the PS450 software) for customizable one-touch scanning to a user's destination of choice. The administrator can create PDF, TIFF or JPEG files and email to a recipient or save them to the chosen storage media.

In the press release, Jeanine Thiemel, worldwide portfolio director of Capture Systems for Kodak's Business Solutions and Services Group, said, "Photo scanning systems represent a significant revenue opportunity for all types of organizations. Business owners, like retailers, can capitalize on solutions that drive traffic to their stores and monetize photo collections in new ways, while libraries can tap into a resource that attracts new members of the community—like artists, photographers, historians, and others. "

The PS450 comes equipped with a Scanning Event Promotion Kit, including marketing materials to assist with the promotion of the new service to clients. Materials include both electronic and print formats to quickly engage new clients.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Canon CanoScan 9000F is Film-Friendly

Canon CanoScan 9000F is designed with film-faithful photographers in mind.

Canon boasts that the new scanner has the highest resolution yet in its line, putting out film scans of 9600×9600 dpi in 48-bit color with its CCD sensor. The scanner can process mounted 35mm slides, 35mm filmstrips, and 120 formats.

In addition to improvements to standard scanner capabilities, the scanner comes loaded with FARE 3 technology, which Canon says provides automatic dust and scratch removal, as well as correction for fading, grain and backlight.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Total Productivity Solutions from Panasonic

Panasonic now offers KoFax’s Virtual ReScan (VRS) software bundled with selected models of Panasonic scanners.

What is VRS? Virtual ReScan Professional is an image enhancement tool. It integrates with the user’s scanning application and includes many
advanced features. VRS works hand-in-hand with the user’s scanning
application and Panasonic scanner. When the user initiates a scan
request from the scanning application, VRS evaluates and processes the request based on the image type (color, bitonal, or grayscale). Once the image is scanned, VRS applies adjustments as appropriate and then sends the processed image back to the scanning application.

Panasonic Scanner and Kofax Software DVD
DVD Includes: VRS (Virtual ReScan) Professional v 4.5, WorkgroupType (Production type included with mid-volume scanner models)

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