Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Does ScanSnap create multi-page PDFs or single page PDFs?
The Fujitsu ScanSnap creates both single and multi-page PDFs. As a matter of fact, you can control exactly what you want to do by setting your ScanSnap to do single page PDFs, multiple page PDFs or set it up to create multiple page PDFs for every X number of documents you scan.

Scanning a group of documents that is bigger than the capacity of your ScanSnap ADF
Click on the ScanSnap icon in your system tray to open the ScanSnap Manager. Continue by clicking on the “Scanning” tab within the ScanSnap Manager. Then check the “Continue scanning after current scan is finished” box.

Prep Paper for Better Performance
Preparing your paper for scanning is just as important as keeping your ScanSnap clean, so we created this short three step primer on paper prep.

1. ‘The Fan’ – Some double feeds can be caused by paper that is too clean, or ‘copier fresh’. In this instance, the pages are typically the same size, wrinkle free and have little space or air between pages. The cure is simple; fan the pages to eliminate any static electricity and loosen the stack.

2. ‘The Taper’ – When a large stack of paper is scanned, the additional weight of the stack creates more pressure on the front pages and can cause double feeds. Try this – taper, or ‘stair step’ the pages so that the leading edge of the first page is slightly ahead of the second page and the second page is slightly ahead of the third page and so on… Resist the temptation of straightening the edges of the stack on a desktop, table or other flat surface; that flat edge could be the problem. Stack the tapered batch of documents in the feeder with the leading edge of the first page as page number one, and you will be ready to scan the large stack.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Prices Reduced for HP Printers

Great deals for HP Printers until the end of September 2010.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fujitsu fi-5950 breaks new ground in scanning performance with ultra-fast scanning speeds and labor-saving "intelligent" functions

Sunnyvale, CA, September 21, 2010 — Fujitsu, the market leader in document imaging scanners and services, today announced the availability of its newest production scanner – the fi-5950. Equipped with new "intelligent" functions that significantly reduce user workload throughout the entire scanning process, from pre-scanning to post scanning, the fi-5950 provides a truly unique scanning experience in terms of efficiency, reliability and ease of use.
The Fujitsu fi-5950 retains all of the high-end features and functionalities of its predecessor, the fi-5900C, while offering additional time-saving tools to increase scanning automation, a critical component to improving scanning efficiency in the front and back-office for enterprise and midsized companies. The enhanced features of the new Fujitsu fi-5950 include:

Intelligent Multi-Feed Function (iMFF): iMFF allows for instant detection of a multi-feed or multilayer document, such as taped-on receipts or sticky notes added to a document. This advanced control of the triple independent ultrasonic double feed detection sensors allows operator’s to easily select from one of three available modes to memorize patterns or simply allow for the bypass of the randomly stuck on items.
Retain Image Function: This function transports the document that has caused the alert to the exit path of the scanner, and presents both the physical document as well as the scanned front and back side images to the user so they can decide whether rescanning is required. This makes reloading and rescanning documents with attached photos and memos unnecessary, bringing added convenience and smooth scanner operation to the user.

Virtual ReScan (VRS) Software and Hardware Equipped: A fully licensed version of Kofax VRS 4.5 Professional software including Enhanced Bar Code (EBC) recognition is included with the fi-5950. Additionally, the scanner is equipped with the Kofax VRS Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) board, providing users with excellent image processing functionality and performance. VRS automatic and intelligent processing helps to reduce human document preparation to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Improved Start-Up Times: The Power-on time of the fi-5950 has been reduced significantly to roughly 15 seconds. Additionally, scan start time (the time from batch start on the PC to the start of actual scanning of the first page) takes less than 5 seconds. These improved start-up times make it ideal when small batches of documents need to be scanned at frequent intervals throughout the day, while also keeping demands on energy as low as possible.
Ultra-Fast Scanning Speeds with High Quality Image Processing: The fi-5950 delivers incredible scanning speeds of 135 ppm / 270 ipm at 200 or 300 dpi (landscape orientation in color, grayscale or monochrome) and features a high quality Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera and image processing technologies giving the production scanner a high-volume throughput of approximately 100,000 sheets per day (operating at full capacity for 24 hours).

Automatic Image Quality Checker (aIQC): For uninterrupted processing of document batches, the aIQC virtually marks images with potential missing data, such as folded corners, and those that might show multi-feed incidences, allowing the user to then check through these earmarked images and either validate or re-scan to the same position in the image order.
“When scanning large volumes of paper every second counts. Our customers have been very specific in their feedback about the time-saving features they would like to see in a production-level scanner, and that is exactly why we have incorporated these new high performance scanning functionalities into the fi-5950,” said Kevin Neal, product manager, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. “Companies in vertical markets such as healthcare, government, legal, finance, insurance, transportation, and many other industries will save time and money with the enhanced document imaging processes of the fi-5950.”

“The Fujitsu fi-5950 is going to be a game-changer for the document imaging industry,” said Tom Bojarski, president and CEO, EchoStone Inc., a global provider of document management, imaging, and capture solutions. “We have seen a lot of document imaging solutions over the years, but none can compare to the ease of use, low-cost of ownership and feature-rich capabilities of the fi-5950. We’re excited to introduce this scanner to our customers needing a best-of-breed solution for applications such as accounts payable invoices and shipping documents, medical records, and mortgage insurance.”

More Fujitsu fi-5950 Features

The Fujitsu fi-5950 comes with additional feature enhancing software, including Kofax® VRS 4.5 Professional, ScandAll PRO 1.8, Adobe® Acrobat® 9.0 Standard and TWAIN and ISIS™ drivers providing a complete in box suite of software tools that make scanning simple and easy. Other key features include:

* USB 2.0, ultra wide SCSI interface and third party slot for a wide range of interoperability.

* Industry leading image enhancement: Automatic paper size and color detection, and blank-page deletion for decreased document preparation and increased automation.

* User selectable RGB color dropout to expose only relevant document information.

* Optional pre and post scan imprinters to assist with adherence to compliance and regulations.

* 500 page input tray and active stacking to keep documents neat and orderly in the output tray.

* ENERGY STAR®, and RoHS compliant.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fujitsu Service Programs

Your Fujitsu Scanner represents an important investment. The sudden loss of productivity, even temporarily, could seriously affect your ability to meet your commitments. To help alleviate these problems, 1st Run offers a variety of Fujitsu service programs for users who desire service during and beyond the Limited Warranty.

ScanCare® - The ultimate preventative maintenance program for Fujitsu Scanners
ScanCare is the Fujitsu premium scanner service offering and one of the most comprehensive service programs in the industry. It combines preventative maintenance, scanner consumables and training with the Basic on-site service option that includes spare parts, labor and technician travel. ScanCare® is available as an upgrade to the existing standard Limited Warranty.

ScanCare, Post-Warranty is available as an upgrade to the existing standard Limited Warranty and may be purchased in single or multi-year increments. You choose next business day, 4-hour or 24/7 response time options to suit the needs of your business.

ScanCare Service Advantages
Provides preventative maintenance that improves scanner performance and productivity
Convenient delivery of consumables kit(s) gives you what you need, when you need it
Reduces unnecessary service calls by offering training in scanner product features and routine maintenance
Helps improve on-site technician arrival time with 4-hour and 24/7 response time options
A service contract must be executed to purchase all service programs and options noted in this document.

Advance Exchange - The simple, economical, onsite alternative for scanner service
The Fujitsu Advance Exchange Service Program offers whole-unit, next business day replacement for scanner equipment that cannot be repaired through technical support. It is available in all 50 states to help minimize downtime and applies to most models of Fujitsu scanners. If the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is unable to resolve a problem, a replacement unit is shipped overnight for requests received by 2pm PST, or else on the next business day for requests received later. The cost of the Advance Exchange program includes parts, labor and shipping to and from the customer..

Advance Exchange, Post-Warranty provides the same service for scanners beyond the applicable Limited Warranty period and is available in single or multi-year increments.

Depot Service Option Available
For those customers requiring asset tag tracking or who prefer to retain their existing scanner, Fujitsu offers Depot service. While Advance Exchange offers a replacement unit overnight, Depot repairs are returned to the customer within 5-days of receipt. Depot service includes parts, labor and shipping to the customer. Advance Exchange and Depot service is available for all Workgroup, Departmental, Network and Low-Volume scanners excluding the fi-5750C & fi-6770 Series.

Advance Exchange Service Advantages
Provides a replacement scanner before the return to Fujitsu of the malfunctioning scanner
Quickly gets you back to scanning and back in business
Advance Exchange, In-Warranty and Advance Exchange, Post-Warranty are the only Fujitsu-Authorized, whole-unit replacement service programs for Fujitsu Scanners

Basic on–site service provides value-oriented peace of mind
Basic, In-Warranty on-site service for Fujitsu scanners upgrades the standard, Limited Warranty on certain models to a full 12 months of on-site service. The Basic option includes parts, labor, travel and a cleaning event. Basic, Post-Warranty is available after the Limited Warranty timeframe and can be purchased in single or multi-year increments.

Advantages of Basic Scanner Service
Includes all spare parts, labor and travel for service of verified hardware failures
Single cleaning event included to maintain peak scanner performance
Protects your scanner investment and avoids unexpected repair costs
Helps reduce downtime with 4-hour and 24/7 response time options
Co-terminous Basic Plus Service for Fujitsu Scanners
For customers who need financial flexibility, Fujitsu offers Co-terminous Basic Plus Service for its scanners. This option allows customers to purchase service for a specified number of months (certain restrictions apply). You can also synchronize services and billing on multiple scanner units or for multiple locations.

ScanAid™ Scanner Service Kit- Help yourself and save
ScanAid™ is a factory-authorized consumables kit complete with instructions and cleaning supplies and can be purchased from your reseller or at The ScanAid™ kit provides handy replacements for consumables that wear naturally during normal use. And it serves as an indispensable preventative maintenance kit that helps improve performance, reduce service costs, and keep your scanner running at peak performance.

ScanAid™ Scanner Service Kit Advantages
Provides economical alternative to on-site service via self-service preventative maintenance
Product specific kits help reduce overall costs for service and consumables
The consumables you need are delivered when you need them
For full details and restrictions on ScanAid™ service options, contact your Fujitsu representative. A service contract must be executed to purchase all service programs and options noted in this document.

Depot - The unit replacement alternative
The Depot service program is designed to provide mail-in unit repair service for those Customers requiring asset tag tracking or who prefer to retain their existing scanner. Depot service is available for all Workgroup, Departmental, Network and Low-Volume scanners (excluding the fi-5750C & fi-6770 Series). Depot, In-Warranty upgrades the Standard Limited Warranty to 12-months of coverage. Depot, Post-Warranty is available after the Limited Warranty period and can be purchased in single or multi-year increments.

Unit Repair and Return Service
Depot service includes spare parts, labor and one-way shipping back to Customer for verified hardware failures. Service is available across the United States. Service will be provided between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Depot service does not include preventative maintenance, consumables and cleaning materials, troubleshooting of software configuration, applications or set-up.

Obtaining Service
In the event of a hardware failure, Technical Assistance Center (TAC) will assist the Customer in resolving the problem over the telephone. Customer must provide TAC with the product model number, part number, serial number and a description of the problem. Customer may be asked to run some simple, self-diagnostic tests and report the resulting status and error code messages. This will assist TAC in determining if the problem is the scanner or another component of Customer’s system and if the problem can be resolved over the telephone. After TAC verifies a hardware problem, a service call will be initiated. TAC will open a Depot service call and provide instructions to ship the product to the Fujitsu Service Depot Center.

Return of Repaired Scanner
Upon receipt of the product, the Fujitsu Service Depot Center will repair product. The repaired product will be shipped back to Customer within five (5) business days.

No Trouble Found / Excluded Returns
If upon inspection of the defective scanner it is determined that the scanner is not defective, Customer will be billed by Fujitsu at the then current “No Trouble Found” (NTF) charge for that scanner. If upon inspection of the defective scanner it is determined that the problem is caused by user maintainable items (consumables), Customer will be billed by Fujitsu at the then current NTF charge for that scanner plus applicable consumables.

The term of this service offering shall be one year from the date of service purchase with activation card or receipt of signed FCPA Service Contract Quotation or Purchase Order.

Fujitsu warrants that all services will be performed in a professional manner. See Fujitsu Service Terms and Conditions.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Largest Scanner in the Universe?

The image on the right shows the actual size of the KartoScan FB VLS (Very Large Scanner). It is BIG, BIGGER even than Colortrac's BIGGEST large format scanner, the new SmartLF Gx+ 56, soon-to-be-crowned king of the extra wide, sheet-fed scanner market, assuming no-one releases an even wider scanner first, of course.

It is manufactured by Geofoto Scandanavia, Oslo, Norway.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

World’s smallest scanner?

The Docupen is billed as the world’s smallest full page portable scanner, and it’s hard to argue with that, since the thing does look awfully small in the pictures. Priced at around $255.00.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Scannography - The Art of Scanning

Scanner art is art made by placing objects on a flatbed scanner and scanning them. There has been some debate as to whether scanner art is a form of digital photography.Images made with a scanner differ from those made with a camera, as the scanner has very little depth of field and a constant light all over the surface.
The simplest use of the scanner, which also most closely matches its use for document capture, is as a specialized tool for macro photography. As long as the subject can be placed on the scanner bed, the scanner is excellent for capturing very high resolution images, within its limitations.

A common artistic use of the scanner is to capture collages of objects. The objects are arranged by the artist on the scanner bed, and then captured. Since the artist is working from the back of the image, it can be difficult to get the desired arrangement. Scanning software with the ability to generate a low resolution preview scan can help in obtaining the desired arrangement before the final, high resolution scan is made.

Capturing a moving subject with the scanner can be viewed as a problem, or as an opportunity for artistic effect. As the subject moves during the scan, distortions are caused along the axis of the scan head's movement, as it captures different periods of the subject's movement line by line in a manner similar to slit-scan photography. The artist can use this by aligning the direction of the scan head's movement to deliberately caused the desired distortion.

While the result of a scanner capture provides a work of digital art, just as a digital photograph does, further manipulation of the captured image are possible as well. This may be as simple as flattening the background to enhance the "floating" effect provided by the scanner to complete reworking of the image.

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