Friday, August 26, 2011

Total Productivity Solutions from Panasonic

Now all Panasonic V-Models include Kofax VRS Elite version software.

The benefits of VRS Elite:
* New User Interface It’s more than just image quality… VRS Elite also improves throughput and efficiency
  • Auto Profiles- Automatically applies correct profile at runtime. Train Kofax VRS Elite to apply profiles using Geometric form types. Enable Auto Profile from Kofax VRS Elite tray icon
  • Scanner Health Monitoring- Kofax VRS Elite proactively alerts operators of performance issues related to the scanner lamps, feeder, roller mechanism, and other issues that affect image quality and system throughput.
  • Fast Production Scanning- VRS Elite uses multiple processes and multiple threads to achieve true asynchronous, parallel image processing.
  • Image Processing Upgrades- Added functionality includes: Content based Deskew, Rectangular Hole Fill, Image Merging, Corner Fill, Intelligent Halftone, Manual Crop

The Panasonic Scanner Advantage

Panasonic’s ToughFeed is a group of powerful scanner functions that makes your scanning experience effortless. These functions, including Staple Document Detection, Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection, Intelligent Feed Control, paired with our Superior Roller Mechanism increase the efficiency of your scanning operation. No worries about damaging your scanner and its inner scan glass, or manual re-shuffling of scanned pages looking for what was lost in a double-feed. It helps your scanner do what a scanner is supposed to do, without any unnecessary interruption. All of our scanners also come with a state of the art Panasonic Image Enhancement Technology that enables your scans to be digitally mastered to meet the highest of quality and image perfection standards.

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Model Number

Rated Speed

Daily Duty Cycle
MSRP Your Price


26ppm 1000/day $1095.00


40ppm 2000/day $1425.00


24ppm 4000/day $1535.00


43ppm 6000/day $3955.00


90ppm 15000/day $5935.00


67ppm 10000/day $7231.00


75ppm 10000/day $8419.00


65ppm 30000/day $8851.00


80ppm 30000/day $9823.00


75ppm 15000/day $9715.00


85ppm 50000/day $12955.00


100ppm 50000/day $14035.00

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Canon imageFORMULA DR-C125 Document Scanner

We are pleased to announce the release of the new imageFORMULA DR-C125 document scanner (item # 5005B002AA, MSRP $495). The DR-C125 Document Scanner’s innovative space-saving design makes it a standout in any office environment for improving information accessibility, management, and collaboration. Its flexibility and high image quality are only surpassed by its easy use, making it ideal for converting and capturing paper-based documents to digital format.

DR-C125 User Applications:

The DR-C125 scanner is ideal for general purpose distributed scanning of a variety of document types. In corporate or remote offices, this scanner is well-suited for use by individuals or small workgroups to modernize paper-based processes, increasing efficiency and productivity. Legal services, financial services, healthcare, government, and other sectors can benefit from its small size and easy use.

DR-C125 Highlighted Abilities and Advantages:

• Top feeding and top eject, combined with a unique upright design and side cable routing, for a small operational footprint perfect for space-constrained areas
• Face-up feeding, Full Auto Mode, and both Windows and Mac operating system compatibility for very easy use
• One-of-a-kind “U-turn” path feeding and optional straight feeding to handle varied documents including thick documents, plastic ID cards, and driver licenses, and a Long Document Mode for handling up to 118” documents, for superior flexibility
• Background Smoothing, Auto Resolution setting, and Shadow Cropping for high image quality
• Canon Generation Green program participation, plus RoHS and Energy Star regulatory compliances, for an environmentally conscious solution
• eCarePAK is available for hardware investment protection
• Bundled Canon CaptureOnTouch software allows users to scan directly to cloud applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Evernote
• ISIS and TWAIN drivers enable easy integration with a variety of third party software applications

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Kodak i5800 Scanner

Intelligence and power, on many levels

Part of the Kodak i5000 Scanner Series, the i5800 Scanner delivers up to 210 ppm true performance (with all imaging features enabled), and provides a height-adjustable pedestal, offering the ideal scanning position for every operator.

It’s a better, ergonomically correct answer for superior production scanning, featuring Kodak Dynamic Flow Technology, our breakthrough digital architecture that delivers optimized memory allocation and processing paths. It’s a complete customizable solution aligned with end user business goals – only from Kodak, the high-volume market leader.

— Benefit from intelligence and power on many levels —

Offers the ideal scanning position for every operator
through a height adjustable transport

Significantly reduces document prep and handling times —
with problem free feeding of diverse batches and controlled stacking

Finds the fastest way to scan, perform imaging
functions, extract data

via Kodak Dynamic Flow Technology

Improves accuracy with streak filtering
plus all the additional automated image
enhancement features of Kodak’s Perfect Page

Makes complex and repeat functions one-button easy
with programmable function keys

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